20 Best Hidden Knives



Hidden knives are not the easiest knives to find using search engines, especially if you aren’t sure of what you are specifically looking for. But I did some searching myself and have compiled this list of what I believe and the twenty best hidden knives based on uniqueness and usability. Hopefully this will help you find a hidden knife that is best for you too!

Not only is it a good idea to have a means of protecting yourself where ever you are (kitchen, bathroom, office), but some people simply enjoy collecting hidden knives because of their uniqueness.

I don’t like selling fear, but think about what you would do to defend yourself if an intruder broke in to your home while you were in the shower? But what if you had an Eiffel Tower Statue with a hidden knife decorating your bathroom, or the Honey Comb Knife on you vanity, when the intruder broke in. That knife could change the outcome of the encounter dramatically!

Just like other posts on this site, the idea is to find cheap knives to the job, that’s budget friendly, not poor quality.  I hope you find these knives more interesting than a basic boot knife.  Maybe you’ll even think they’re cool knives!  So, with no further adieu, here is my pick for the 20 Best Hidden Knives:

  1. umbrella rapier 150x150 20 Best Hidden KnivesUmbrella Sword. The best defense for a rainy day! The umbrella sword conceals a 28” rapier. The blade is easily concealed and is released with a push of a button. The whole thing operates just like a quality 50” umbrella too.
  2. Honey Comb Knife 150x150 20 Best Hidden KnivesHoney Comb Hairbrush. This may be the perfect hidden knife for women since many women carry a hair brush with them in their purse, and often in their cars. Since this is more like a shiv than a knife, you do lose some utility in terms of what you can do with a sharp edge. But still, with a cruciform blade that’s nearly 4” long, it is still a great self defense weapon made of Zytel, a very strong nylon and fiberglass composite.
  3. black comb knife 150x150 20 Best Hidden KnivesBlack Comb with Hidden Knife. This concept is similar to the Honey Comb Brush in that it conceals a knife in an every day item. But this knife is made with stainless steal.
  4. Victorinox SwissBeat MP3 150x150 20 Best Hidden KnivesVictorinox SwissBeat MP3 Player/Swiss Army Knife. Though it’s not exactly a hidden knife, unless it’s in your pocket or purse, it’s a pretty cool multi-tool. It looks much like a regular Swiss Army Knife, containing two blades, a file, scissors, plus a swing out USB drive/ MP3 player.
  5. RED SWISS BUSINESS TOOL 150x150 20 Best Hidden KnivesRed Swiss Business Tool. Also known as the Swiss Army Stapler! It’s an odd combination that’s useful at the office, or on campus if you’re a student. Besides having a stapler, there is a staple remover, a knife, hole punch, optical gauge, and more.
  6. Knife in a Credit Card 150x150 20 Best Hidden KnivesSVC1 Survival Card Tool. Shaped like a thick credit card, this survival tool contains a knife, compass, magnifying glass, toothpick, tweezers, fire starting magnesium strip, and a signal whistle.
  7. Cardsharp 2 Folding Knife 150x150 20 Best Hidden KnivesCardsharp 2 Folding Knife. This is a folding knife that is the size of a credit card and can easily be kept in your wallet. With three easy folds the Cardsharp locks into a 3” Polypropylene utility knife.
  8. Civil War Cannon Knife 150x150 20 Best Hidden KnivesCivil War Cannon Knife Display. This is the perfect hidden knife for your office or den, looking natural on a desk or bookshelf. It’s overall length is 16.5” and is made of cast metal. No one would expect the hidden knife (8.5” knife with 5” blade) concealed in the breach of the cannon.
  9. Effiel Tower dagger 150x150 20 Best Hidden KnivesEiffel Tower Statue with Dagger. This is another hidden knife that’s perfectly suited for the office, or actually, any where in your household where it can accent you decor. It’s a statute of the Eiffel Tower with a 14” concealed blade. This item is even easier to place throughout your home than the Civil War Cannon.
  10. hidden pen knives 150x150 20 Best Hidden KnivesPen Knife Letter Opener. Many pen knives like this are simply letter openers. This looks and writes like a regular pen but when you pull the pen apart you’ll find the hidden knife inside the barrel. These are available is black, silver, and gold.
  11. Necklace Knives. These are decorative necklaces that have small knives hidden within them. There are many varieties of this type of knife.Fantasy Skull Cross Necklace Knife 150x150 20 Best Hidden KnivesFantasy Dragon Head Necklace Knife1 150x150 20 Best Hidden KnivesAlthough, due to their size, these may not be the most useful knives, they are capable of cutting through restraints and light materials.
  12. Key Shaped Folding Knife 150x150 20 Best Hidden KnivesFolding Knife Shaped Like a Key. One way of defending yourself is to hold your key ring so the keys are protruding between your fingers when you make a fist. Having a concealed blade on your keyring will make this tactic all the more effective.
  13. pool cue sword 150x150 20 Best Hidden KnivesPool Cue Sword. Even though a pool cue can be used as a weapon by itself. There’s no harm in having a backup weapon when your in an unfamiliar bar shooting pool, is there? These cues have a 10” knife hidden in the handle that can be removed with a twist. These cues are 59” long and come apart in the middle like any other cue does.
  14. belt with hidden knife 150x150 20 Best Hidden KnivesHidden Belt Knife. An adjustable 52” black belt that is 1.25” wide with an easily concealed 3.5” stainless blade in the buckle that is easy to unsheathe.
  15. hidden knife belt buckle 150x150 20 Best Hidden KnivesBelt Buckle with a hidden folding knife. This is very similar to the hidden belt knife above, minus the belt and the sheathe. This is just a buckle with the knife being integrated in the face of the buckle instead of being in a sheathe.
  16. Crane Tie Money Clip Knife 150x150 20 Best Hidden KnivesImitation Pearl Tie Clip Knife. This is a fashionable tie clip with imitation pearl overlay. The clip come in a lined gift box and can serve double duty as money clip.
  17. Bullet Knife 150x150 20 Best Hidden KnivesShotgun Shell and Bullet Knives. Just what it sounds like. A knife hidden withing a shotgun shell or bullet casing. The blades are typically about 3” lShotgun Shell Knife 150x150 20 Best Hidden Knivesong and fold up like a pocketknife. Careful you don’t mix one of these up with you ammo.
  18. Sword Cane. This classic cane is 36.5” long with a 12.5” stainless steel sword hidden inside. This is reminiscent of the classic style of cane seen in the spy movies. Black Tie Sword Cane 150x150 20 Best Hidden KnivesWith just a twist the sword slides out and when sheathed it is locked in place.
  19. Bamboo Stick Sword 150x150 20 Best Hidden KnivesBamboo Stick Sword. This sword (handle and scabbard) has the natural look and finish of bamboo. This can blend into a room decorated with a tropical scheme since the sections are each designed to look like bamboo stalks. The sword is a little longer than 27”, the combination is 41” long.
  20. Stainless Steel Boot Knife with Sheath and Shoulder Harness 150x150 20 Best Hidden KnivesStainless Steel Boot Knife and Shoulder Harness. Constructed of non-reflective materials and a rubberized handle. The harness is lightweight with a removable sheath that can be clipped to a boot or a belt. That gives you three ways to carry this knife – concealed shoulder harness, concealed in your boot, or clipped to your belt.

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